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Current Springs Weather: Spring//Warm
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Current Kali Month: Sun (May 4 - June 12)


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To Do Total: 44

- lizziecat1279 (Anatomy)
- MoonlightDewz (Standard)
- DancingWithDreams (Unique)
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- piceouswings (Unique)
- jaiharock (Firebird)
- jaiharock (Anatomy)
- jaiharock (Anatomy)
- piceouswings (Firebird)

- Fat Rabbit (7)


- DancingWithDreams; and; ATR, CS
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- See map.

- Ravens-Folklore (Ehn'karan)
- shadowthecat971 (Zar'inyth'ea)

- AliceCreature
- Final LE species
- Clean up PGryphon markings

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Needs additional markings: Oona (3), Wyverns (2)

oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...


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Just touching base with you guys on a few things. C:

First off, winners for the Hybrid Naming contest! The winning names are:
Favki, Gravki, Zhimka, Birkeda, Irex, Xytogrif, Lhedonas and Liska
Congrats to the winners, who I'm actually not sure who you are yet because I haven't gone back through my notes to see who suggested what name. I will try to get to that quick-ish. Prizes for this will be handled at a later date, so if you've won, you can start thinking now about what you want - you can get a complete custom, or you can breed the parent species (either that you own or that you have permission to breed with) to the hybrid that you won with influences on what you want the baby to look like. I'll have more on this later. 

Second, just a little note about Paypal - the site has changed a fair bit over the last few months, including the payment options. If you are ordering from me and paying with USD through Paypal, I ask that you select the 'Paying for Goods/Services' option - I will accept paying the fee. Someone I know got in trouble for having people send payments through the friends/family option and it's not worth the few cents each transaction costs me. Thanks!

Third, activity in the Springs is going to basically drop off for a while. I will be working behind the scenes on COs and offspring, and FR prizes and the like, but don't expect an event or many UFA pets to drop. The weather has been incredibly kind to us this year, which means that I'm spending more time in the garden (and time spent on the computer while it's light outside is highly frowned upon by my family, which makes getting work done during the day increasingly difficult). I will still be here to answer notes and messages, but I may not get back to you right away. 

Fourth, there's just over a week left to get your entries in for the landscape art contest - I've got two entries so far that are awesome! You can check them out on the Contest page. 

Thanks guys!

And the winners of the Shift Festivities are!
Below is a list of usernames who have won the raffle. Choices will start at the top of the list and move downwards one at a time - I will mention you in a new comment to get your attention when it's your turn to pick - please reply to that comment as I have disabled comments on the shift prairies for the time being. C:
Do not hassle the people above you when they choose so as to have them not choose the one you want, and please don't complain if the one you really wanted is taken when it comes to your turn. :c

Done. C:

Also, for the breeding season, if you are editing your forms to add items after the slots have been filled in, please let me know via a new comment so I can catch the item additions. C:

280415 Happy First day of Shift!

I will not be sending updates for Days 3, 4, and 5. You will have to come here and find them every day. C;
Each ticket is day exclusive! You can only redeem Day Three on the third day of Shift (May 1) and so on!

Additionally, there will be a number of events to participate in!
Start --here-- in the forums and look for new forums to be posted with new events. 
Each event that you participate in will gain you one ticket for the festival raffle. The raffle prizes are nine special mutation prairie gryphons. These Shift Prairie Gryphons are only available during the festival and the mutation cannot be bred. 

Activity Center

User-Held Contest Announcement

Hey guys! jaiharock has extended the baby pool, so you guys should go enter. C:
The contest has a guaranteed breeding slot from jaiharock's knopfleri (and she has a lot to choose from!). 

Up for Adoption: Art Contest by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Literature Contest by SpringsofIyore
These two are still waiting for minimum entries. C:

Okay, now do you have a Prairie Gryphon? 

26 deviants said Yes
23 deviants said No


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Ravens-Folklore Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Anyone who happens to be looking here, I could use some help for a challenge Ehn'Karan gave me!…
WishmasterAlchemist Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Done ;) Do you need any more faves, as well? Good luck with your challenge c:
Ravens-Folklore Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
An extra fave for each would be fantastic ;u; they each just need that one more x3
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
Gardening is awesome though! Especially if you have good weather for it. Are we talking plants or vegetables?
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Totally vegetables - hoping for a good crop this year. 
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
Ooh~  May I ask what you're growing?
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Potatoes, carrots, a lettuce mix, kale, zucchini, pumpkins and tomatoes are the for-sure crops, and I'm also trying a black bell pepper (because I'm insanely curious as to what it will look/taste like) and corn (if it isn't dug up by squirrels, and if it actually comes up and if it actually has a long enough growing season to produce ears, which is not guaranteed because Alberta).
I've done celery in past years, but it always tasted so bitter, so I've dropped it out of my rotation. 
(1 Reply)
anti-social-DEMON Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
hmm i should start drawing my pets in their natural forms more often 
Im sure my gijinkas are getting a bit redundant 
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Nah, they don't get redundant. C:
I like both types of art. 
LostinSorrows Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm back...
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