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oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...



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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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User-Held Contest Announcement

Hey guys! jaiharock has extended the baby pool, so you guys should go enter. C:
The contest has a guaranteed breeding slot from jaiharock's knopfleri (and she has a lot to choose from!). 

Wow, sorry, I've been not here at all. D: Time has been moving rather quickly and I'm a bit sad that I haven't been here as much as I should be. 
So! Just some updates:
- I will be trying to finish the Exploration outcomes this coming week; no promises. 
- Working on doing the calculations for the March breeding season. 
- I will try and get at the comments left in my inbox - including Fat Rabbit comments. 

This summer should be a good one for the Springs; I didn't get the job that I had an interview for and I don't think I will seek other summer employment (apart from the job I have now), which means that I will actually have a four month summer (my last one ever). I hope to spend a lot of the time focused on either writing or art, which includes the Springs! So I am going to hold off opening customs until May, and then they will be open all summer. This will include firebird line updates (in small batches), all forms of accepted payments (coins, vouchers and USD), custom line edits and maybe a redraw slot (maybe). I'm also going to try to get those last two Limited Editions out - I think I'm fairly set on the lines, now it's just the designs (thinking of maybe leaving it open to whoever wins them to choose a design?). 

Update on the Exploration Art Contest - I haven't really dedicated any deeper thought to the rules (because where the crap has time gone?) but I still really want to do this. My last day of class is April 9 and I promise that I will have the contest published by the 10th. 

>>>>Click?<<<< (not a jump scare, promise.)

jaiharock is preggers and holding a contest to guess info about the baby! Entries will be accepted until Wednesday; check out the forum thread below!…

Welcome to March! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight if you live in a place unfortunately still doing daylight savings time even though it isn't really necessary any more. 

Breeding kicked off today, and so I thought I would update with a few things I've been noticing/things to watch for and/or discuss.

- Any form where an offspring will below to neither of the two breeders is counted as a C/G form. This includes forms that use any duplication effect; even if a breeder gets a baby as a result of the duplication effect.
- From this point on, for all naturally born twins, only the first will be assigned an owner based on the form posted. The second baby will be put up as 'Owner TBD: TBN' and the two breeders will be able to discuss the ownership. If there is only one breeder, then both babies will be placed under their name. 
- The only duplication effect that can be used on recessive markings (Celestial/Dante/Flathorn) is the Clone potion. I know I answered a question in the comments of the Breeding Info journal regarding the Doppelganger Ability and I just wanted to widely state it in case anyone else was wondering. (If I had told you differently at some point and you can prove it with a link, I will allow you to bypass the rule once). 

I thought I had something else I wanted to discuss with you guys and get input on, but now I forget. D:

Exploration Items have been repriced to match the cost of the Explorations coins so that when Thom comes to trade items it's fair price wise. C:

170215 (man, breaking my own promise of not posting updates so often...)

We live, we learn, we improve. 
After some private discussion, I have updated the Inactivity Policy regarding deactivated accounts. Please please please go read the updated policy because it may apply to you someday. 

The Inactivity Policy can be found as the bottom half of the How to Adopt journal entry.

Thank you.

I'm going to open this now with the assurance that this does not affect January's 2015 season. 

I have been toying with the idea of changing how bird bonding works for mostly selfish reasons.
because honestly having to do three uniquely marked birds for many of the bonded pairs is kinda tiring. D:
So I would love to hear from you guys about what you think about bird bonding, whether you have a pair or not. What do you like most about it? What would you be sad to lose about it? What do you think could be worked out? Any pressing ideas?

Ideas put forward:
- reduce the chances of three egg nests for unbonded birds, while removing the guaranteed three egg nests from the bonded pairs while have greater odds of producing a three egg nest in bonded pairs.
- while reducing the chances of three egg nests, also add the rare chance at a four egg nest in bonded pairs.

080215 (promise I won't be updating this regularly...)
So no one seems to have contact with Sleipnir outside of dA, so those pets are being moved to Fat Rabbit's care. 
I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that if you get hacked and your account deactivated, the Springs has an email account that you can message to let me know what happened ( I have this account synced to my iPod, so I will get them right away. I've also added it to the FAQ (where I thought it was already) for future reference.

Okay, so there's a matter I would like your help with - as most of you know, Sleipnir800 deactivated their account while I was away. 
Do any of you have contact with Sleipnir outside of dA? Because the deactivation seems like such a sudden thing, I want to make sure that they weren't hacked and left voluntarily. 
Thanks guys. 

Up for Adoption: Art Contest by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Literature Contest by SpringsofIyore
These two are still waiting for minimum entries. C:

Okay, now do you have a Prairie Gryphon? 

23 deviants said Yes
19 deviants said No


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AliceTheHunted Featured By Owner 2 days ago
All your paint belongs to us!
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Have fun Cao at CCEE 

A Toast to your weekend!
May the lines be short, and your belly full
Keep an open schedule and your con will never be dull
May the attendees be kind, every lady, child and gent
Seek out covetted treasures and leave with your wallet well spent
And when weekend is over and you have to go
Sometimes the journey is great, but so is the end of the show. 

(Was feeling poetic, post partum pregnancy hormones are fun like that)
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Aw, thanks!
I've got a VIP pass, so the line wish is fulfilled. 
Belly full - well, expensively full I'm sure. 
We'll see about attendees, but they usually are. C:
Already spent a good bit of money and there's still three days left...
And I'm sure the end will feel good. 
Kieke-boe Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Good luuuucckkk! :iconcheerplz:
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