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Short Cuts

Current Springs Weather: Autumn//Cool
Kituen Weather: Wet Season/Humid
Current Kali Month: Leaf (Sept 1 to October 10)


Breeder Search: September 2015 by SpringsofIyore Breeder Forms: September 2015 (Closed) by SpringsofIyore
Fat Rabbit Fridays - On Vacation. by SpringsofIyore First Pet Adoption by SpringsofIyore
Exploration Map - Summer by SpringsofIyore Personality Wheel by SpringsofIyore

To Do List

To Do Total: ??

- Kieke-boe - GR Prize
- AliceTheHunted - GR Prize

- Hybrid Naming prizes (above)


- DancingWithDreams; and; ATR, CS
- jaiharock; and; ATR, Draconian, Maternal (Ghost)
- jaiharock and AliceTheHunted; and; ATR, DOP

Exploration/Expeditions Pets
- See map.


- AliceCreature
- Final LE species
- Clean up PGryphon markings

Standardization Progress
Needs additional markings: Oona (3), Wyverns (2)

oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...


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Update: FvS and other.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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AAHHHHH where is my time going. 
Anyway, it's October and I really really really need to get the FvS event revamped and pushed out asap. In order to do that without having to tinker so much with the dynamics of the event, I am going to make both teams individually minded - there will be no point sharing this time around, every player will have to fight for their own points. Which should make the spirits interested. C;
Anyway. In the next few days (hopefully before Thanksgiving weekend and all the emotional shit that comes with that) I will get a deviation up where you can declare which team you will be playing for this year. The team you pick determines the species and event-exclusive markings available to you. If you join Fire (lhedis), you will not be able to get any of Shadow's pets (xoals) and vice versa. 
Once teams have been decided I will be "hiring" several people from each team to hide the other team's targets - thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help me with this, it will make things actually run instead of me panicking and trying to do a bazillion things in the space of not enough hours. Dynamics and guidelines to this will be worked out after that. 
Thanks guys!

Oh wow hello again. I was inactive here for much longer than I had anticipated... anyway. As an update, I will let you guys know that since we last talked, I have been hired on by my prof to be the admin assistant in a research project that is being funded by the government (holy crap) and it's a job that's going to take up about 10 hours of my week, which doesn't sound like a lot, but when you factor in the rest of my life stuff, gets to be a lot of time. 
I do want to have Fire and Shadow v2 for October and I am very aware that the month is quickly coming up. So I'm looking at maybe hiring (not sure what's I'm paying yet but I'll figure that out if this is the route I go) 1-2 people to "hide" the candles and keep track of which team/person claimed them and 1-2 people to run the Candlelighting Shrine this year, just to keep my work lower. I'm not sure if this is what I'm going to do, but if you're willing, let me know. Ideally I'd like one from each team so that those people can still participate. 

I'm going to go ahead and open an Exploration Raffle again though I'm not sure when I will get to those results - I want to have one more go at the Summer map before I make the change over to the Winter map. 


Hey guys, just touching base with you guys as to the plan for the Springs this coming season. Some things are set, others I'm looking for opinions on. 

- Fat Rabbit will be going on vacation again until Christmas. This should give me time and headspace to work on other things. 
- Sept/Nov breeding seasons will go ahead as regularly planned. C:
- I hope to do a wisp release some time before Christmas. I would love to hear your opinions on the various ways that wisps can/could be distributed, as this has been an issue in the past. I do want everyone to be able to try for them, but I also want to keep spreading them out across the userbase. Any input/ideas are valued. 
- I'm not sure what I'm going to do for Halloween this year. Would you guys like to see Shadows and Fire v2? Or something different?
- In the past years I have been rather lax in my Christmas events and I would like to have at least something happen around that time that I can distribute more Christmas-marked rodent mikris and maybe a Yuol or two (wanted to do it last year but ran out of time?)
- Customs have been closed and will remain closed for some time. Thank you to everyone who ordered during the summer!
- I will be opening Explorations again in the Fall - I was thinking of doing two concurrent openings, the first being on the summer map and the second being on the winter map. I would like to do the entries via raffle again, as that seems to be a fair way of opening the Exploration areas. For this instance, you would be able to enter the raffle for summer OR winter, but not for both. The opening will wait until AliceTheHunted and I have finished working on the Aceli. 
- Perhaps for October I would like to do a crossagency breeding with Katjalore-Creatures (only a year late dear lord) as I think I have a workable pose for the new hybrid. 
- In the lines of a new hybrid, I am also going to begin working on a design for a wyvern x cyrii hybrid - which season it will be breedable in remains to be seen.

And today is the last day for pet trading, so make sure that you get those initial forms in on the deviation. Approvals can happen after the deadline, but everything must be approved by Sept 4. 

So I meant to do this earlier this week, but I kinda didn't. Aha. 
These awards don't come with any prize, only bragging rights. 

And point trade it will end Sunday at 23:59. If you have points, you must use them by that date. 
If you redeemed for a Tier 7, please remember to send a note to the Springs with your CO!

[insert veggie here] Hoarder ------ most of that veggie collected
  Seedlings (10) dratimeg
  Carrots (4) AliceTheHunted and smithieaan
  Lettuce (2) 1YellowFish, AliceTheHunted, HighFin, and smithieaan
  Beans (4) jaiharock and shadowthecat971
  Tomatoes (6) DancingWithDreams
    Potatoes (2) DancingWithDreams and jaiharock
  Zucchini (3) AliceTheHunted, Phoenixflower44, piceouswings, SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M, shadowthecat971
  Corn (4) shadowthecat971
  Pumpkin (2) WishmasterAlchemist
  Watermelon (3) AliceTheHunted and Kieke-boe

Iron Raider  ------ Best Points/Exp ratio (at least 10 raids) 2.42 - shadowthecat971
Bad Luck ------ Worst Points/Exp ratio (at least 10 raids) 4.6 - Saldemonium
Clumsiest  ------ most traps triggered total (7) piceouswings
Snap! Swshhh  ------ Most Snares Triggered (3) DancingWithDreams, Saldemonium, SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M
ScaredyCat  ------ Most Scarecrows Triggered (5) 1YellowFish
In the Dark  ------ Most Box Traps Triggered (2) Ravens-Folklore and shadowthecat971
World Menace  ------ Most Lasers Tripped (2) piceouswings
Accident Free  ------ no traps triggered while having over 60exp lizziecat1279
Dedicated  ------ participated every day. DancingWithDreams, piceouswings, shadowthecat971,
Earth-Friendly  ------ most debris collected DancingWithDreams

Hey guys!
Because I'm away until the evening of the 4th (yay long weekends!), the Garden Raiders event will be extended to August 6th! I had hoped to have the prize pool figured out by now, but I haven't finished with the event-exclusive markings for two species. And I didn't take my iPad with me, s I can't work on them until I get home. :c
I am also going to have "awards" for the results (which I have been tracking. C: ) - you can't do anything to get these awards except keep raiding and hope luck is on your side. 
Happy Raiding!

Just a short announcement. 
The summer event will start on Tuesday! The deviation it's on is scheduled to post, so I might not be around immediately to answer questions or to reply to event stuff, but I will be around in the evening. 
In preparation for this event, pick your favourite mikri from your pets! If you don't have a mikri, I hope to upload a few tomorrow for those who have none. C:

Also, I'm slowly catching up on notes - I have to go through Inactivity notes and any new CO notes that I've gotten. So if I've read it, but haven't replied, don't fret! I will get to them. C:

July! Half the year is gone already! And some matters of business to attend to.

Contest Update
First off, these lovelies:
DancingWithDreams: Amador by SpringsofIyoreBrookkit67: Lace by SpringsofIyore
They've been in the Shelter for about a year now, waiting on the requirements to be met for their contests. The requirements have not been met. The contests will close on July 14 regardless of how many entries there are.

Hybrid Naming contest
The submitting winners are:
lizziecat1279 (Favki, Gravki and Birkeda - Gravki can be old or new lines, Birkeda will be on new lines)
evilitachi (Irex)
dratimeg (Xytogrif and Liska)
AliceTheHunted (Lhedonas - I am in the process of playing with these lines, you can request old or wait for new.)

Please send me your custom requests now. C:

The May season offspring are out and I hope to start working on the July season. The forms will remain open until Saturday, if you wanted to use a tulip to get another breeding in. 

August Trading Season
This year I'm going to try something different, so that forms don't get lost and such. Trade searches will be done in a forum (much like RRAdoptables) and finalizations will be done on the deviation. 

Summer Event
I'm working on the final prep for the summer event, which I hope to start maybe next week. This event will require that you have a mikri of your own - if you don't have one, comment below so that I can get a somewhat accurate number on how many I should release before the event starts. 

Landscape Fanart
Landscape fanart - art of the areas in the Springs that you would go to when exploring - will now net you exploration coins! A sketch/lineart piece will get you 1LC and a coloured piece will get you 1MC. 

I'm thinking of retiring a few of the feral avis' markings (namely, Squares, Circles and maybe Nbau or Uan) to bring in some new ones. Thoughts? 

13 deviants said Good Idea. New markings are fun.
8 deviants said Indifferent. :/
2 deviants said Bad Idea. I like those markings.


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