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Given by Cao
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Short Cuts

Current Springs Weather: Autumn//Cool
Kituen Weather: Dry Season/Humid
Current Kali Month: Bare (October 11 to November 19)


Breeder Search: November 2015 by SpringsofIyore Breeder Forms: November 2015 --CLOSED-- by SpringsofIyore
Fat Rabbit Fridays - On Vacation. by SpringsofIyore First Pet Adoption by SpringsofIyore
Exploration Map - Summer by SpringsofIyore Personality Wheel by SpringsofIyore

To Do List

To Do Total: ??

- Kieke-boe - GR Prize
- AliceTheHunted - GR Prize
- AliceTheHunted - Kiriban prize custom
- jaiharock - Standard

- FvS Prizes (21)


- DancingWithDreams; and; ATR, CS
- jaiharock; and; ATR, Draconian, Maternal (Ghost)
- jaiharock and AliceTheHunted; and; ATR, DOP
- November Season (28)

Exploration/Expeditions Pets
- 11


- Final LE species
- Clean up PGryphon markings

Standardization Progress
Needs additional markings: Oona (3), Wyverns (2)

oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...


Official Partner

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Read these first!
>>How to Adopt

Further information can be found throughout our journals!

Update: FvS Redux Point Trade In

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
Up For Adoption | Become a Watcher | Contact

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Species | Creature Count | Breeding Info | Abilities Bank | Explorations | Expeditions
Update Posts One | Two | Three | Four

I have received the final update from all of our posters (thank you guys so much!) and so all the points seen on the HQ deviations are now final! If you feel like you should have more points, please note me and we'll sort it out. 
Relics have also been handed out.

The Shrine (FvS Redux) by SpringsofIyoreThe Crypt (FvS Redux) by SpringsofIyore

To trade in your points:
NPC: Mintaka by SpringsofIyoreNPC: Vega by SpringsofIyore

Go to your team's NPC and take a look at the prizes that you can swap your points for! Post in the comments there with your choices. 
A reminder that Fire Guardians cannot visit Mintaka and Shadow Guardians cannot visit Vega!
You will have until November 14 to trade in your points; at that time all your remaining points will swap over to Si. 

If you have questions, please ask! 
Thank you to everyone who participated this year; Fire and Shadow will not return next year and the event markings are now considered retired - they can be achieved through breeding only. 
Holy and Cursed Relics are also now retired; please keep that in mind when you go to trade them in. C;

Hey guys! Hope your Halloween went well!
Just a reminder that the Fire and Shadow Redux event ends on November 5th (as the last day that you will be able to find and comment on Spirits and Candles). I hope to have point totals updated shortly after that and then open the Point Trade-Ins on Vega and Mintaka. Reminder that if you are Fire you cannot get Cursed Xoals and if you are Shadow you cannot get Holy Lhedis! You will have a week to decide how you are going to spend your points. After that, your points will simple convert to Silver at a 1:10 ratio. 
Prizes will include event exclusives such as Holy and Cursed relics and the exclusively-marked lhedis and xoals. I may also add some regular items as prize options. If you have favourite items that you would like to see as prizes, please comment!

An update on the other parts of the Springs - I have finished almost all of September's offspring, and will move on to finishing the last few customs I have, the ATR breedings and then I will be moving on to the Exploration outcomes. 

If anyone wants to run a user-run contest during the month of November, I'm open to discussion! Please note me your ideas. 

7 November - Regular breeding season; lhedis family and oona family. 
21 November - Cross Agency breeding season; momets and choopuks from Katjalore-Creatures
1-25 December - Christmas events; hopefully a Secret Santa and maybe an advent calendar. The return of the Yule-marked rodents!
31 Dec-5 Jan - Springs Anniversary; Yuol event! (hopefully, still trying to solidify details). 

Available to adopt right now; note that they all have conditions!
Up for Adoption: Conditions by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Conditional Raffle by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Conditions by SpringsofIyore


AAHHHHH where is my time going. 
Anyway, it's October and I really really really need to get the FvS event revamped and pushed out asap. In order to do that without having to tinker so much with the dynamics of the event, I am going to make both teams individually minded - there will be no point sharing this time around, every player will have to fight for their own points. Which should make the spirits interested. C;
Anyway. In the next few days (hopefully before Thanksgiving weekend and all the emotional shit that comes with that) I will get a deviation up where you can declare which team you will be playing for this year. The team you pick determines the species and event-exclusive markings available to you. If you join Fire (lhedis), you will not be able to get any of Shadow's pets (xoals) and vice versa. 
Once teams have been decided I will be "hiring" several people from each team to hide the other team's targets - thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help me with this, it will make things actually run instead of me panicking and trying to do a bazillion things in the space of not enough hours. Dynamics and guidelines to this will be worked out after that. 
Thanks guys!

Do you have a momet? 

18 deviants said yes.
14 deviants said no.


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