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Current Springs Weather: Spring//Warm
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To Do Total: 8

- jaiharock - DPR Anatomy Unique
- jaiharock - Marking Update


- March Season (27/34 [!] are uniquely marked, not including the kalan babies).
----kalan babies will be delayed until I had the new poses finished; breeders will be able to choose new or old.

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- Final LE species

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Needs additional markings: Rodents (3), Lhedis (2), Momets (2), Domestics (2), Ikids (4), Oona (3), Wyverns (2), Dawnbirds (3)



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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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I have one more exam. One more. And then. FINISHED. Yay!

Anyway, just a few things. 

Congrats to Rune and evilitachi for winning the popularity contest! Your winnings have been added to your inventory. 

There are still two seven Easter eggs somewhere in the Springs up for grabs. I may add more this weekend. I also want to do a special lepus, but we'll see if I get around to that. 

And go check out the new poll for your chance at a unique marked creature! 

The Dante Xhire in the gallery has reached 15 raffle entries, and so the raffle will go ahead on April 19. There is still time for you to buy an entry if you want. 
The Celestial Xare will be decided on the 20th. 

Hey guys! Before I run FRF replies, I just want to clarify some things. There is the chance that two people will win the same voucher and both choose the same outcome (if I can't update the choices right away). If this is happens, the person who responded first will get their choice - the second person will have to choose again. 

Also, to give people a chance at some late winter outcomes, I will be opening Explorations right now for one day. If the slots are full, they will not be opened again in this opening. After these, the map will switch back to the summer outcomes. 

Wow, it has been quite a time of inactivity; I apologise for that, but school had to take precedence. But I'm basically done now! Well, I still have exams, but they don't worry me all that much. And the weather is finally spring-like which makes me a happy cow. 

You will have noticed that I'm working my way through the March offspring - I've finished the xoals, xare/xhires and gryphiones. Kalans will be postponed until after I get the new poses figured out, at which point the breeder of kalans will be able to choose whether they want the old lines or the new lines. The babies will also get a reline. 
For next year's March season there will be a split hybrid - the GxX hybrid will have a miniature version that will be produced when a hybrid breeding contains a xoal and a gryphione (you'll remember that next year gryphiones will only be able to breed with xoals for hybrids, due to size logic, while xoals are still open to breed with other gryphon species). The form of the hybrid will be essentially the same, with small changes. C:

I've also added four new standard markings to the gryphiones to bring the number on that chart to the normal 12 markings. I will slowly be doing this for the other species as well, so if you have suggestions for the species that need new ones, please post them on the marking charts! I like hearing what you guys want to see. 

For the popularity contest - I forgot to put an end date in the title, so it will end April 12. The winner will receive 500Si and there may be runner up prizes, not sure yet. 

I still haven't had the time to look at and judge the art/literature for the two contests currently sitting in the Featured folder, so if you have something that you want to enter (or you think that you can get something done quickly) then you are more than welcome to enter still. I'll extend the deadline until April 10. </strike></strike>

Design Seed Uniques! (please read the below!) 

5 deviants said a)on your real birthday
4 deviants said I'll pick a few to play with. C:
2 deviants said Thanks to RRA, I want to do more Design Seed uniques.
2 deviants said b)on your dA join date/anniversary
1 deviant said or c)on your Springs join date/anniversary
No deviants said But there's a catch - to limit your choices, you need to select a design seed that was posted either
No deviants said This should give you about 30-40 choices instead of 4000+
No deviants said Please post one link to the design seed in the comments and tell me which date option you picked. C:
No deviants said Also post three species that you would want a unique in.


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Enchantedprey5280 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So..did Madi and I ever explain to you just what I saw when I first laid my eyes on The Judge? Since she was the first Xare and I'd never seen one before, I completely saw her wrong. I did not see her mane and nose where I was supposed to and I got /really/ confused, because everyone else just adored her but I got rEALLY freaked out D:

I saw something completely different and now every time I look at a Xare I can't think of them the same way I'm supposed to cRIES A LOT.

So here's what I saw: Madi drew the picture when I explained it to her and she saw it. oTL I've ruined myself for Xares forever Cao. I still love them I just have ruined myself. </3
WElcome to the DMMd fandom enjoy your stay >:3
-----:iconeastereggplz: Easter Hunt 2014 :iconeastereggplz:-----
You may claim one egg for this hunt! 
To claim, simply be the first one to post a reply!
This is Egg #18
More bunnies!
And I have plans for a super special one. C;
Oh-ho, dmmd, eh? :giggle: Gotta know--who's your choice?
I haven't done all the endings yet, but the one I got first was Mink... XD
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