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Current Springs Weather: Summer//Hot
Kituen Weather: Wet Season/Humid
Current Kali Month: Cloud (June 13 to July 22)


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To Do Total: ??

- piceouswings (Unique)
- piceouswings (Unique)
- piceouswings (Firebird)

- Hybrid Naming prizes (8)


- DancingWithDreams; and; ATR, CS
- July Season (41)

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- See map.

- shadowthecat971 (Zar'inyth'ea)

- AliceCreature
- Final LE species
- Clean up PGryphon markings

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Needs additional markings: Oona (3), Wyverns (2)

oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...


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Update: Short Update

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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Just a short announcement. 
The summer event will start on Tuesday! The deviation it's on is scheduled to post, so I might not be around immediately to answer questions or to reply to event stuff, but I will be around in the evening. 
In preparation for this event, pick your favourite mikri from your pets! If you don't have a mikri, I hope to upload a few tomorrow for those who have none. C:

Also, I'm slowly catching up on notes - I have to go through Inactivity notes and any new CO notes that I've gotten. So if I've read it, but haven't replied, don't fret! I will get to them. C:

July! Half the year is gone already! And some matters of business to attend to.

Contest Update
First off, these lovelies:
Up for Adoption: Art Contest by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Literature Contest by SpringsofIyore
They've been in the Shelter for about a year now, waiting on the requirements to be met for their contests. The requirements have not been met. The contests will close on July 14 regardless of how many entries there are.

Hybrid Naming contest
The submitting winners are:
lizziecat1279 (Favki, Gravki and Birkeda - Gravki can be old or new lines, Birkeda will be on new lines)
evilitachi (Irex)
dratimeg (Xytogrif and Liska)
AliceTheHunted (Lhedonas - I am in the process of playing with these lines, you can request old or wait for new.)

Please send me your custom requests now. C:

The May season offspring are out and I hope to start working on the July season. The forms will remain open until Saturday, if you wanted to use a tulip to get another breeding in. 

August Trading Season
This year I'm going to try something different, so that forms don't get lost and such. Trade searches will be done in a forum (much like RRAdoptables) and finalizations will be done on the deviation. 

Summer Event
I'm working on the final prep for the summer event, which I hope to start maybe next week. This event will require that you have a mikri of your own - if you don't have one, comment below so that I can get a somewhat accurate number on how many I should release before the event starts. 

Landscape Fanart
Landscape fanart - art of the areas in the Springs that you would go to when exploring - will now net you exploration coins! A sketch/lineart piece will get you 1LC and a coloured piece will get you 1MC. 


5 deviants said Make suggestions on what kind of achievements I could set up in order award more badges?
1 deviant said Must be pet based though, not owner/account based. Because they have to be awarded to a pet. C:


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shadowthecat971 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
XD at least when the notes are gone you don't have to worry about it?. :) at least till more come I suppose
jaiharock Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Sorry for all the notes from me
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner 3 days ago
haha, no sweat. I've just been kind of ignoring all the notes....
I need to get to those. 
jaiharock Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
I hope that storm was kind to you.
SpringsofIyore Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Had a tornado touch down in the Tsuu'tina reserve, but it didn't cause too much damage. C;
jaiharock Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Forecasting some more mean storms this week here and there. Crazy summer for weather
Ravens-Folklore Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
Feel better Cao bby :C Gives u soup :iconsoupplz:
AliceTheHunted Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
I give evilitachi permission to breed with my fleet. Figured I would save you the trouble of having to ask me. 
jaiharock Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Stay dry my friend. Husband told me Chestermere is under water.
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