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Update: Candles

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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Okay! So I'm going to try something spontaneously to see if I can't bring up participation. For the next three days (23, 24 and 25), any candles that are posted, for either team, will only earn points, not the chance to find a holy or cursed creature. Hopefully this will allow some of the more active members of Shadow (you know who you are; not thumping you for being active though!) to spread the candle love without having to worry about potentially missing out on a creature at the same time. C:

ALSO - to those who are having no luck finding candles or spirits - Event art, as listed on the Vigil deviation, counts as participation! So go do that! I secretly just want to see more art of this. I really do. Cx

I owe you guys a little apology for the lack of event stuff the past week. It's been an emotionally turbulent week and I really just didn't feel like spending time spreading candles and spirits (I know, it really takes no time for me at all, but I just couldn't do it). I'm going to give everyone 10 points for their team (for Shadow members, this is for the people who have been interacting - if you aren't listed on the HQ, but have been looking, please let me know as a comment either here or on the HQ deviation). 

I am going to try to keep a flow going this week; but I will warn you guys - I have several things due this week, so I can't make any promises. 

And before you go looking for a drop, there wasn't one, so save your energy. C:

The Fire and Shadow event has started; you will start to see more and more spirits and candles appear around the Springs for the two teams to interact with . Just some clarification:
- Lit Candles can only be used by the Shadow team, Unlit Candles can only be used by the Fire team. Both RestNots and GentleSouls can be used by both teams. 
- Each spirit/candle can only be interacted with once over all! If the other team has already gotten that spirit, it's too late! The only time this is not true is when the second comment on the two-per spirit interaction are not added with 24 hours of the first one - if that time is over, then the other team can add their comment. 

There will be more and more things to find the closer we get to Halloween, so don't worry if you haven't found anything yet!

And for those who didn't join a team, there will be something for you to interact with later in the month. C:

Why does time move so fast? seriously. 

Anyway; just wanted to remind you guys that the last day to sign up for the Fire and Shadow event is Sunday - so if you haven't joined a team but want to play, make sure that you're on a team by then! 
For the Shadow team, I will determine minimum activity required to receive part of the point pot about halfway through the event, when I can gauge how many people are actually putting effort into the team and who are just kinda along for the ride. C:
Fire Team, just a heads up, you're not completely on your own - your points may be your own, but your team will still need you!

And just a small thing - I've been tinkering with the elemental lines and putting them up on tumblr. So if you want to have a say in how they're changing (not new lines, just tinkering here and there with what already exists), get on over there and have your say. 

Yarr, it be talk like a pirate day. 
But yeah, not doing anything with that this year. C:

But this is kinda holiday related - Halloween is around the corner, and I'm polling you guys as to what you want to do. C: Gimme ideas for festivities, either simple or more complex. 
I'm also going to make a set of Halloween markings for a species (not a redraw, I don't have time this year!), so let me know what species you'd be interested in. 

Also, just a bounce to remind everyone of things going on. C:

Up for Adoption: Art Contest by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Literature Contest by SpringsofIyore
These two are still waiting for minimum entries. C:

Phoenixflower44: Niar by SpringsofIyore

Do I release Wild Lhedis sub-clan markings? 

18 deviants said Yes.
3 deviants said No.
1 deviant said (they will be attainable through certain cross-clan breedings, like Jicomei+Iguo would create a submarking that would belong to Iguo, if that makes sense. There would be six submarkings in total.)


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