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Short Cuts

Current Springs Weather: Autumn//Cold
Kituen Weather: Wet Season/Stormy
Current Kali Month: Bare (Oct 11 - Nov 19)


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To Do List

To Do Total: 85

anti-social-DEMON - Anatomy
anti-social-DEMON - Standard
DancingWithDreams - Unique


AliceTheHunted; and; ATR, GB, DOP
Enchantedprey5280 and jaiharock; and; ATR, DOP
DemonSkylier; and; ATR, DOP
September Season - 32 (22 Unique)
November Season - 20 (not including any natural twins that may occur)
Fire and Shadow Prizes - 34

Exploration/Expeditions Pets
- See map.

- Fire and Shadow Event
- AliceCreature
- Final LE species
- Firebird re-line

Standardization Progress
Needs additional markings: Oona (3), Wyverns (2)

oh my gosh, a Monet moneti...



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Update (not really here)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 12:18 PM
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Okay, prize pools are closed, breeding slots are closed, my brain is definitely closed. 
Any remaining points will be converted to Si based on the ratio in Prize One, but I will do that later because I am a lazy mofo who should have been in bed two hours ago. 

ALSO. Please do not expect any correspondence from me for at least the rest of the month - I have at least 85 things in my Springs To Do list that I will try and work on when I can. This includes outstanding COs, September's offspring, November's offspring and the prizes for the Fire and Shadow event. 

On a happier note, my friend and I managed to get VIP passes to CCEE next year, so there's that. 

byebye for now - if you wanna chat, I am still checking my main account. C:

NPC: Vega by SpringsofIyoreNPC: Mintaka by SpringsofIyore

Points have now been divvied out for Shadow Members, the Prize Banks are now open, and the purpose of the Relics have been revealed!

And with that, the Fire and Shadow event is over! And of course, as with any big event that I’m thinking of repeating, I would love some feedback from you guys!

Changes I’m thinking of making (this list will change as I receive feedback. C: )
-    Found candles next year will not have the chance of drawing creatures. This will be done through the Vigil. Finding creatures will only be available to those who are a member of either team.
- Participation for Shadow members – this was hard to do this year simply because of the connection between candles and creatures. Next year, the Shadow team will have to be more inclusive – in order for any points to be handed out at the end of the event, everyone on the team must have participated (I’ll make an interaction minimum next year)
------ to prevent people from signing up and disappearing and not participating, before the event begins each member who wants to actively participate will need to declare their participation interest on the Crypt page, so that people who find things and need to get others to interact can reply to that comment to let them know where a candle is.

Member Feedback Suggestions (and replies to suggestions):
- switch the entries requirements of Fire and Shadow: have Fire be easy to get into and Shadow as harder, so that the people who put in effort to get into a the team will be more likely to work for it. 
----------- This could work; I could also play with the points which would give Shadow interactions a few more points to make the team thing worth it. 

So what did you guys like? Not like?
What do you want to see changed?
What did you think of the points awarded for each task?
What did you think of the prizes/pets available?
Any further suggestions?

And if you have pets that currently have event items/comments on them and you would like them hidden, please link me your pets here and I will hide them for you. C:
- Please don’t say ‘please hide all of the comments on all of my pets!’ – I don’t have time to go through all of everyone’s pets. C:

Hey guys. Really didn't want it to come to this, but until I get my life back on track emotionally, scholastically and physically, I'm not going to be active here at all. I'm going to take the month of November as a down month, so there will not be any activity here from me. 

The November Breeding season will be unaffected by this - I will try and fill in the slots as they come so that people aren't posting forms when there aren't any slots. 
I will try and do some background stuff during November, including getting my long to-do list finished as well as some wisps ready to go. 

I will post the prize banks and do prize swaps, but any pets that result from those swaps will not be uploaded until after my hiatus. 

If you have any questions about what will and will not be affected by my time away, please post a comment below. 

Up for Adoption: Art Contest by SpringsofIyoreUp for Adoption: Literature Contest by SpringsofIyore
These two are still waiting for minimum entries. C:

Do I release Wild Lhedis sub-clan markings? 

19 deviants said Yes.
3 deviants said No.
1 deviant said (they will be attainable through certain cross-clan breedings, like Jicomei+Iguo would create a submarking that would belong to Iguo, if that makes sense. There would be six submarkings in total.)


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